Metropolitan Girl

CBMG60002 Journaling Cards

CBMG60003 Fancy Couture

CBMG60004 Shoe Lover

CBMG60005 City Flowers

CBMG60006 4x6 Journaling Cards

CBMG60007 Let's Shop

CBMG60008 Hang Those Clothes

CBMG60009 Affirmations

CBMG60010 Big City Shopping

CBMG60011 Shopping Cities

CBMG60012 Border Strips

CBMG60013 Girls And Cities

CBMG60014 Metropolitan Element Stickers

CBMG60015 Metropolitan Girl 6x6 Paper Pad

CBMG60016 Metropolitan Girl Collection Kit

CBMG60022 Metropolitan Girl 6x12 Chipboard

CBMG60024 Metropolitan Girl Ephemera (back)

CBMG60024 Metropolitan Girl Ephemera (front)

CBMG60028 Metropolitan Girl Enamel Dots

CBMG60040 Dress Form Die Set
Dress Form measures 1" x 4", Purse measures 1" x 1", Beautiful measures 1" x 3.5"

CBMG60041 Fashionista Die Set
Lipstick measures .75" x 3", Diamond Ring measures 1.25" x 2", Glasses measures 1" x 2.25", Purse measures 2.25" x 2.25"

CBMG60042 Fashion Tags Die Set
Oval Frame measures 1.75" x 2.5", Large Tag measures .75" x 1.25", Small Tag measures .5" x 1.25", Frame measures 1.25" x 1.75"

CBMG60043 Gorgeous Girl Stamp
4" x 6" Acrylic Stamp Set includes 11 Stamps

CBMG60044 Designer Diamond A2 Stamp
A2 Acrylic Background Stamp measures 4.5" x 5.75"

CBMG60070 11X14 New York Skyline Art Print

CBMG60071 11X14 Happy Girls Art Print

CBMG60072 8x10 Paris Art Print

CBMG60073 8x10 Lipstick Art Print

CBMG60074 8X10 Be Beautiful Art Print

CBMG60075 8x10 Couture Art Print

CBMG60076 8x10 Dress Like It Art Print

CBMG60077 8x10 Fashion Show Art Print